What is local SEC?

Local SEC is a 100% locally-owned Social Impact Immersion Program provider. We offer volunteer and internship placements with our partner organizations in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Ecuador. We help to facilitate your work with our partners in each of these sites, where we have over a decade of experience building trust, respect and innovative collaborations with these grassroots groups and organizations. Traveling with us, you will jointly develop and work on your project alongside these partners, and with the support of our team at Soluciones Comunitarias, who have supported over 1,500 program participants like yourself since 2006.

Why choose us?

Local SEC facilitates opportunities to work with our partner organizations and community groups across Central America. We have over 10 years of experience collaborating with and building relationships in the communities in which we work. We support program participants to ensure you make the most of your time in country, delivering high impact consultancies and projects deliverables to our partners.

What can we do for you?

We can help you to have an efficient, well-connected, impactful trip! Depending on your group 's needs on your trip, we can customize your trip with as much or as little on-the-ground support as you require. This is what you get included no matter what:

itinerary and logistics

To facilitate an efficient on-the-ground experience, Local SEC works with you to design an itinerary based upon your desired activities. We leverage our homestay network to set you up with certified families or our hotel connections to get you well-located, comfortable lodging. We also coordinate your transport, whether it be by private bus or helping you learn public transportation routes. More than anything, we’ll make sure you know how to get where you need to go.

Orientations: Country and culture

Professional local staff will orientate you on remaining healthy and secure and provide you with expert advice to ensure a safe trip. You will also receive an orientation to allow you to better understand the country. This will include a summary of recent political and historical events, cultural norms, and a wealth of tips that will allow you to immediately develop strong relationships and effectively engage with local families and organizations.


A homestay is unique opportunity to effortlessly connect with a local family that will be thrilled to be your home away from home! This is your chance to live an unforgettable educational and heartwarming experience, to build strong and meaningful relationships with locals and to truly immerse yourself in a new culture. Your stay will also provide an important economic income source for the family.

Additionally, we work with a network of hotels and hostels and can support you finding the right accommodation that not only meets your standards, but also provides the perfect home base for your work and adventures in nearby communities.

Relationships & connections

As an organization with 15 years of grassroots experience, we’ve developed a whole lot of relationships! This network not only includes the homestays, hotels, transportation and other service providers that we have mentioned, but also many local partners including non-profit organizations, local associations, schools and government institutions. We’re ready to hook you up with organizations that fit your learning needs and impact creation goals.


We understand that each individual and group has unique needs and interests, so on top of our basic package, we offer various additional services from which you can pick and choose. Check out our FAQs for more information on add-ons such as Spanish classes, Social Entrepreneurship workshops, cultural activities, adventure excursions and more. 

More info

Interested but still have questions? Check out our FAQs page or email us directly at info@solucionescomunitarias.com. We are also happy to set up a Skype call with you to discuss more!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.


-Margaret Mead

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