Your "Last Mile" Impact Immersion Provider

Dominican Republic

Are you looking for an in-country partner for your travels for your missionary, university, etc group?

We are your answer for an authentic, impact-driven immersion experience in Latin America.


Our work takes us - and you - to the "Last Mile," or "Ultima Milla" in Spanish. "The "Last Mile"are some of the most distant communities that lack access to many basic goods and services.

Use our completely customizable Social Impact Immersion program to create a responsible, eye-opening, goals-oriented experience for your group's visit. We work with groups of all natures - university club chapters, faculty-led groups, professional organizations, volunteer groups, brigaders and more! 

We include the basics, but offer you extras to complete your experience based upon your group's interests. 

Tell us about your desired outcomes and we'll share how we can help make them happen:

I feel like everyone is waiting for that one experience that takes changes them, inspires them, humbles them, that experience that makes them laugh, cry, adapt, endure, and come out with a new sense of passion and purpose.

[My trip with Ultimiya Impact Partners] was that life-changing experience that allowed me to understand new families, communities, and systems and forge the most fundamental, meaningful connections with the people within them.


-Aishu R., Duke University

What does it look like to travel with us?


To start, we'll help you out with all of the essentials:

Itinerary Building
& Logistics
& Connections
Health, Safety & Security Support

We'll also connect you with any of these extra services if you would like:

Adventure Activities
Cultural Activities
Specialized Workshops

I learned firsthand the highs and lows of development and NGO work, but more than that, I was able to make relationships and learn from a variety of people ranging from local entrepreneurs to Peace Corp members that are doing amazing work to empower their communities.


-Kristina H., Stanford University

How it works:


Fill out our

Contact Us form

here on our website. We will respond to you within just a couple days!


We will set up a Skype or phone call to understand your goals and provide you with a quote based upon your group's trip.


After reserving, we will design your itinerary and plan the logistics of your trip as we await your 50% deposit.


When the day to travel comes, hop on your flight with your group. We'll be waiting for you on the other side!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.


-Margaret Mead


Why travel with us?

Driven by our core values such as empathy, inclusivity and dignity; we are a get-your-boots-dirty organization creating systems-changing impact both when we have visitors and when we don't.


We are a 100% locally-owned Social Impact Immersion Program provider, leveraging our experienced teams from Soluciones Comunitarias and Social Entrepreneur Corps to create the best experience. We offer volunteer and internship placements with our local partner organizations in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua and Ecuador.


We help to facilitate your work with our partners in each of these sites, where we have over a decade of experience building trust, respect and innovative collaborations with these grassroots groups and organizations.


Traveling with us, you will jointly develop and work on your project alongside these partners, and with the support of our team at Soluciones Comunitarias, who have supported over 1,500 program participants like yourself since 2006.

For general information and inquiries: