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What's included?

We offer different levels of engagement and support to suit your needs. Our on-the-ground team will provide you with all of the program planning, design, and logistical services you will need to land on your feet in-country. From there, you can choose to add on extra services and support as needed by you/your group, such as additional workshops/trainings, Spanish classes, homestays, transport, bilingual guides, project support, cultural or adventure activities. We tailor our services to create a program that fits the unique needs of your group.

How much will it cost?

Our programs vary in cost depending on your destination, the length of the program and how many additional services you require from our organization. Please write us here with your desired program details.

In which communities or cities do you work and facilitate trips?

While our target beneficiaries are those of rural areas, our regional hubs have allowed us to develop a strong network in semi-rural and urban areas as well. Whether you would like to hit up the tourist hotspots, reach more off-the-beaten-path destinations, or experience a combination of both, we've got you covered. Write us for more information on specific cities, towns and communities in which we work in each country.

Who will I work with?

Our partner organizations across the countries where we work have diverse foci and needs. You can work with grassroots health and education initiatives; local artisan groups with products such as woven goods, candles, cheese and chocolate; with community and eco- tourism initiatives; agricultural and environmental-focused projects; or even with human rights efforts. Additionally, you will work with our experienced team at Soluciones Comunitarias.

What skills can I develop on my trip?

In Ultimiya Impact Partner-facilitated trips, you will build design, consultancy, language and intercultural communication skills. Additionally, you will develop many competencies that are equally important for both your professional and personal development, such as empathy, adaptability and independence.

How can I make an impact?

Your collaboration with us allows us to create new reciprocal relationships in the communities in which we work. We see collaboration generated through the development of empathy, knowledge dissemination, experiential learning, friendship, and job creation. To create further impact, you can also get directly involved in some of our ongoing community empowerment projects.

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